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My name is Jon Berke and I’m a cloud architect and software developer who has spent my career building reliable and secure cloud infrastructures that are highly scalable while still being cost effective.

I pride myself on my excellent communication skills with a unique ability to translate complex and technical subjects for non-technical stakeholders.

I have extensive hands on experience:

  • With architectural patterns including event driven architectures, event sourcing and CQRS
  • Developing with serverless technologies including Lambda, ECS, S3, SQS, SNS and SES
  • Defining infrastructure as code (IaC) with tools such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), CloudFormation and AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)
  • Continuously integrating/delivering (CI/CD) software updates with AWS CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and CodeBuild
  • Designing and developing data stores using NoSQL (DynamoDB), SQL (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and AWS RDS) and search (Elasticsearch and CloudSearch) database technologies
  • Creating application programming interfaces (APIs) in both the RESTful style and with GraphQL
  • Building applications with traditional AWS technologies like EC2, Elastic Load Balancer, VPC, CloudFront, ElastiCache and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Implementing AI services from IBM Watson (Speech to Text, Natural Language Understanding), Amazon (Comprehend, Transcribe, Rekognition) and others
  • Designing and implementing natural language interfaces with Alexa Skills Kit and Wit.ai

I’m currently consulting, helping companies build and optimize their cloud architectures. If you need help with your AWS workloads, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.


In case you were wondering, the dog on my blog is my puppy Rocky. Shes’s a good girl who loves to sleep right behind my chair when I’m working.